Seven , as other oysters, were, according to legend, a powerful aphrodisiac.

  • Casanova began every meal with a dozen oysters

" Me, I dislike oysters,

  • But I love the SEVEN ! ""
Claire, 25 years old

But why Seven ?

When you are gentleman, you give the 7th oyster to the ladie

Seven, You enjoy them more with friends

The breeding of Seven started 2 years ago but the idea is much older!

To achieve an oyster of this quality, it tooks many trials, tests and improvements,

But, it worth it, not ?

Spéciales Tarbouriech

The Seven borrow from their big sisters, the Special TARBOURIECH a part of their manufacturing process and also the quality of their inimmitable aromas.

"Seven, Its not look liking oysters"

Le St Barth at Marseillan

The word is your Oyster !

  • William Shakspeare

....... but why William wrote this ????



Seven and it caractéristic Benitier shape

Johnny, Louis et Médithau girls,

  • all fans of SEVEN oysters

"I love SEVEN, you seems to eat a CANDY Sea"
  • Florent Tarbouriech

" I love Seven, it feels like kissing the sea on the lips"
  • Léon-Paul Fargue

the most important journalists tryed to suprise SEVEN in its natural environment

  • Even Francis Demange go into water for its